Hello Every Body

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Hello Every Body

Post  alec_006 on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:47 am

Thanks for all the support everyones givin and I know I may have been unjust on my attck on the mine but Iron is important so thanks again. I havent gotten any more replies or threats or attacks as of now so I think were in the safe but our lord has assured me that her diplomacy will work; On to my initial message, Hello I am Alec_006 I have a city with the population growing fast, I am still under protection but I can do my best to support any one of my comrades so I'd like to get to know every one and hope we have a good relationso if you guys want to share some thing about your city or what I think it may help because I believe comunication is the key to any succesful opperation, So again hello Iam glad to be apart of the best union on the web. If you guys need any thing dont be afraid to say hi.

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Re: Hello Every Body

Post  Laesira on Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:04 am

The learder of TDK don't want to start a war against us but we must be wary and don't do anything foolish , we only start war if we can win it.So we must grow faster and have a powerfull armies, very disuasive but we will use it too.

Your Lord,
Be invulnerable depend of yourself, overcome your ennemy only depend of himself

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