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Art of War

Post  Laesira on Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:55 pm

Welcome in the Union "Art of War"


Be Art of War doesn't mean : "We are devoted to run into a frenzy rampage and make war with everyone "

We are devoted to battle, we do it well.

Think only about battle not victory not war, if you focus your attention on the victory you certainly will be defeated....

We will prevail not only because we have stronger armies or cities but because we are stronger in our mind.

Never forget that you are Art of War , you are one of us.

One of my motto is simple :

Know yourself and your weakness, know your ennemy as well, make your weak point unknown for your ennemies and hide your power and your ennemies will attack you were you are the stronger.

We aim to be the most powerfull Empire of the server and if we want to fufill our goals we need organisation and rules.

Organisation :

I'm your Emperor, i will lead you straight to the point with a firm hand and if some slow us on the way, i will deal with them without mercy even inside our Union.

The Hierarchy of Art Of War

    The Emperor, leader of the Empire

    5 Dukes each of them lead a Duchy with 4 baron under command

    20 Barons each of them lead a Barony with Knight under command

(until we upgrade the union)

The Dukes are the most influent, powerfull and first protector of the Empire.Become a Duke is very hard because there is only few of them and they have lot of responsabilities and power.
Duke are chosen in the Baron 'pool' only by me from the most devoted but what devoted mean...

The Barons are under the command of a Duke and they are also the most powerfull knight, strong armies, strong economy.
Only the best of the Knights become a Baron.

Respect our union and union members.
Do everything possible to help our union and union members.
Be proud to be Art of War ,do your best and we will be proud of you.

Your Lord,
Be invulnerable depend of yourself, overcome your ennemy only depend of himself

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