History of the 9th Republic

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History of the 9th Republic

Post  Charlemagne on Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:54 am

I have created a Forum if you want to use it until you have one or we stay on mine.

all can have access but i will create a specific group if needed most of the forum is visible only for Knight and other Art of War group.

You are welcome in. http://art-of-war-empire.bbactif.com/republic-9-f15

Laesira, Emperor of Art of War.

Greetings and Respect to all of the top leaders on 9: Sauron, Annabella, Jparrish, Toma, Raynes II, Laesira
Of the great Unions: Ash Nazg, Templars, TDK Clan, Requiem, Orion, and Art of War
We propose a republic based upon fairness, equity, transparency, and irresistible POWER _____________________________________________
To Charlemagne:
I'm very pleased with what you've done so far. I see great potential in this. Go for it!

/Sauron, Master of Ash Nazg

I am Charlemagne, an officer of Ash Nazg (The One Ring). I have the confidence of our Union Master, Sauron, and to be transparent and honest with you he and Ash Nazg have my primary allegience and loyalty on this world. That said, I have plenty of allegiance and loyalty left to go around. I wish to earn your confidence as I have his by giving you a good share of it. I speak to you all now with the authority given to me by him to speak on behalf of him and our union.

I make to you now a proposal for world domination of server 9 by formation of a republic based upon fairness and equity among the five or six of us.
Here is the proposal I sent to Sauron and upon which he agreed that I could negotiate with all of you:
" If and ONLY if you want me to (you have my allegiance and loyalty), I will discuss the mega-alliance idea with Annabella and the 4 or 5 other top leaders. With 6 no

one or 2 can lightly decide to leave, with 5 no 1 can alone. A fair and safe divorce clause can be put into place up front. All will be given fair and leveling perqs for being


The basis for our real alliance will be a republic with 6 Consuls, you, the Union Masters. Rome had 4. We will create active MASSIVE coordinated roaming armies of 10

or 20 or 30 thousand troops. Active participation will be a requirement. We will dictate terms to other unions before we attack them. It will not be too long before we are

not resisted. We will treat conquered unions with respect. They will be given the opportunity to join our farm unions on a fair rotating basis (Ash Nazg 2, Templars 2, etc.)

which will be started at random and not just upon size or current rating. ***Perhaps the masters and the most powerful of the conquered will be invited into a joint Union

headed by our own 6, 12 , or 18 highest officers. The joint union mastership would rotate only among high officers of our 6 unions on a weekly basis. This joint union will

always answer to our 6 with loyalty to our republic and field it's armies with our main massive army. Perhaps it can be given the name of our republic of our consensus

(Something like ATTROAW for example) .
Small disagreements among members can be decided by panels of 3 and larger disagreements by panels of 6 judges from each of our 6 unions. ...Or by panels of the

other 4 if the disagreements are between 2 of our 6 unions.
We will make a fair, consistent, and clear divorce clause for those unions who wish to leave our republic that will be enforceable and all can agree to in advance.

To: Templars, TDK Clan, Requiem, Orion, and Art of War
We propose a republic based upon fairness, equity, transparency, and irresistible POWER.

To all Ash Nazg members: Until we hear from these 5 Unions, please try to refrain from attacking them and if their members attack you- tell them not to do so until they

speak first with their union masters.

To Toma- Thank you, I have been in other similar games and seen how deceit, sabatoge, and disloyalty have been used as weapons. I am not naive. However, I believe

that a truly broad and powerful coalition with transparent, fair, up front rules can prevail. Rome worked by doing this. Our world here is really a lot smaller and we only

need about 3 more (unions) to make this happen.

the guidelines so far seem fair we should talk further , TOMA

Well, you said I would have your backing if I should need it. I will ask for it then. I am a senior office in Ash Nazg. I have initiated a MAJOR effort to join your union

with the other top 6 on this server into an overwhelming Republic as equal members with fair and transparent rules. Please do not attack Souldark or anyone in any of the

following unions:
Ash Nazg, Templars, TDK Clan, Requiem, Orion, and Art of War until after speaking with your Union Master, Laesira. Tell any from those unions who attack you to

stop and to speak with their leaders first. Please also speak with Laesira in support of such a Republic.
Thanks to Laesira, union master of Art of War, for his idea for communication.

Go to 9thRepublic.blogspot.com

Hello, This is Charlemagne of the Ash Nazg Union on Empire Craft world 9 welcoming you to our forum for the 9th Republic ( the Republic on world 9). Hopefully we

can coordinate here and all prosper fairly, equally and with overwhelming power.
We want a system for fair dispersment of the conquered unions and cities. An equal share by rotation of the new subjects and of the crystal mines. Nobody else but the 6

of us will have any crystal mines when we are done. I envision active coordination and participation by all 6 unions to produce an army of 12 to 20,000 troops doing our

work at a time. Nothing anywhere else on planet 9 can resist that. We will share domination and respect. Not individual unions, but a nation. We might possibly even

construct a union led jointly by our strongest officers to enlist the strongest of the conquered cities. After a while there will not even be resistance. We will just dictate and

gobble. We will give the conquered the choice between joining our unions by rotation among the six of us or be destroyed.
Welcome to our Republic.
I was because of YOUR idea, Annabella, to ally with us, the Ash Nazg, that the idea was extrapolated to a Republic on this 9th world of the current top 6 unions. It will

be invincible. We have responses from 3 of the 6 Union Masters so far. I hope you will be our 4th. If you are interested, we will go forward. It is my concept that you will

be six equals in a republic of 6 equal Unions...a nation with overwhelming power.
Hope you will join us,we really need you.
Great thing, the thought comes to reality.

I will register quickly on the forum.

Laesira, emperor of Art of War. - Laesira, Art of War
I am Charlemagne, a senior officer of Ash Nagz, and I welcome the entrance of 2 of the masters of our 9th Republic and pledge my support to you all and hope for your

joint direction in our nation of overwhelming force on World 9.
Our master from the great union, Art of War, has graced us with this message:

Great thing, the thought comes to reality.

I will register quickly on the forum.

Laesira, emperor of Art of War.
Our master from the great union, Templars, has graced us with this message:

Yes we will join with you and the others in making the republic and unstoppable force to be feared by those who stand against us. I look forward to hearing more from

you in the future as things progress. Take care for now.
Annabella, master of the Templars
Mass Message to members of Ash Nazg:
Hi all,
Do not attack anyone or anyone's mines in the Unions Art of War, Templars, or Requiem. We are concluding Alliance arrangements for a new nation with them - the 9th

Republic that will dominate this planet.
Also we are making overtures to Orion and TDK Clan. DO NOT ATTACK THESE UNIONS OR THEIR MEMBERS. Hopefully, they will soon be us.
Charlemagne, Vice-Master, Ash Nazg
To Jparrish, master of TDK Clan : Excellent you and the great TDK Clan are well received and welcomed. I just sent this out 5 minutes ago. We have only 2 more to

nail down and we are in business :-) Please visit this blog http://www.9threpublic.blogspot.com
Best regards,
Some of my knight are still under protection status (mine finish in 2h15)
We really need to have a forum to coordinate this perfectly, we can use Republic 9 subforum of Art Of War, if all agreed and start the work.
This republic need to have a Parliament (a subforum private for the master) where the other consul (or senator) can discuss and decide.

You have done a good work Charlemagne, i am pleased and i think your master too.

Laesira, Emperor of Art of War
From Raynes II, Master of Orion

talking with some of the union and we would be happy to join plz send me the unions that are already part of the alliance so we can avoid combat regards Raynes/Orion
We have now concluded acceptance by 5 of the 6 unions. Even the last had already expressed interest without definite commitment

and has a formal inviation in his mail which he hopefully will accept. We can soon field massive armies coordinated with the

other unions.
Hi Raynes II - 5 of 6 have accepted, Toma of Requiem is interested and considering.
It is only a matter of organizing geographical districts and having officers from each union in any district begin to choose and

gang up on targets of choice from the target union of the day. The 6 Masters do the choosing directly or by a mechanism of

concensus of their choosing through a website forum or by in-game mail. All officers must upgrade their posthouses to be ready

and able to accept and field large forces from their own unions at the agreed time of arrival at the targets. No barbarian union

is going to know what to do once each of its members are getting ripped up by six or nine or twelve forays from six different
From Toma, master of Requiem:
Requiem will join the 9th Republic

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Suggested divorce clause for confidence of the Unions

Post  Charlemagne on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:16 am

The entrance of any one of the unions and their master into the 9th Republic is done at the grace and suffrance of their respected master. None enter under threat or duress from the Republic, but with the welcome and gratitude of the Republic. As such, all will enter under a divorce clause by which they may leave the Republic by leave of the power and discretion and due respect that they as equal ruling masters weild. It is for the 6 masters to decide upon whether they agree with these terms, suggested by me, your loyal servant, as the foundation of this means of respectful departure. (1) A Union leaving is immune to attack by the Republic for one week unless it attacks the Republic. That union must kick out any member who does attack the Republic during that week or it will then be open to attack. That member will then be destroyed by the Republic. (2) A Union leaving takes its 2ary unions with it (3) A union leaving will take a number of crystal mines equal to or one less than the number held by the remaining Republican member with the least. (4) No member of the union leaving may abancdon that union to rejoin the Republic until at least one week after the union leaves.


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Re: History of the 9th Republic

Post  Toma on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:19 am

This IS more then fair to me how does everyone else feel

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Re: History of the 9th Republic

Post  Evony on Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:22 pm

Pretty fair divorce clause.


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Re: History of the 9th Republic

Post  Evony on Sat Oct 17, 2009 12:17 am

Union Requiem has a new website (that I built!) at http://requiem.legendary.org.

Leaders and high-ranking subcommanders are welcome to join the Forum. Please use your game name, and wait for me confirm your registration.


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Re: History of the 9th Republic

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