i'm low on gold, help

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i'm low on gold, help

Post  nataskain on Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:02 am

i seem to be between a rock and a hard place...
i have only 26 gold pieces so i sent my level 7 hero out to kill some devils, but i guess my army was too small or too weak so i failed, my hero is now in dying status. it cost 50 gold to hire new hero, or 35 to start healing him in the hospital.
anyone have any suggestion on how to get out of this bad spot? i could just wait for the resourses to trickle in to get warehouse and grainery to 10 and make a market but i wanna play sooner then that!


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Re: i'm low on gold, help

Post  Laesira on Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:30 am

There is some quest that give you gold in the beginner and some in Development but i don't remember which and the Super platinium Pack for Beginner in the Town view give you money every step of your city (30/60/120 population).

One things about battle , the far away you sent your armies the harder will be the devils.And when you have the Samourai title which you can have in the development quest for free, or just some work for the city, you earn a tax everyday (100 gold daily quest for the Samourai ).
So maybe it's fun to move your hero when you start but if you use 2 days of development of your city you'll have plenty of ressource and better troops.
Having a lv 8 hero or more with 30 lv1 basic infantries is far weaker than a lv5 with 60 lv 2 Heavy infantry/archer/cavalry .

I'm 4 days old in the game, 163 population 15000+ ressource and 9000 food, a hero lv 6 with 50 lv2 mixed type armies, if i can do it without charging diamonds you can too ... Yes you can :-)

I have all mine at 10 , iron 11 and food 14 in 2h ,granary and warehouse 10 too Wink

Your Lord,
Be invulnerable depend of yourself, overcome your ennemy only depend of himself

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