2 cristal mines

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2 cristal mines

Post  TIME on Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:49 pm

i i ve 2 cristal mines near from me;
You sent spies to Magic Crystal Mine(409|367).Results:
Soldiers: 1804,
Heroes: 3, There are 371 Dark Knight lv 5,368 Arcane Channeller lv 5,372 Slave lv 5,351 Spellsword lv 5,342 Thrall Master lv 5
You sent spies to Magic Crystal Mine(416|357).Results:
Soldiers: 1822,
Heroes: 3, There are 363 Dark Knight lv 5,359 Arcane Channeller lv 5,360 Slave lv 5,364 Spellsword lv 5,376 Thrall Master lv 5

somes question:
- can raiding it with moor than 3 heroes?
- some people can help me to conquiere it?
-boss y our not so far.... may be you can help? after i have nobody near me who can take it..


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