Dumb Move of the Day

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Dumb Move of the Day

Post  Evony on Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:41 pm

I'd love to hear about people's mistakes. Rolling Eyes

I have been working on upgrading my Cavalry Barrack to level 4 for about a week. Whenever I started getting close to having the 21000 21000 34800 22200 resources to do it, I would need to bolster my army or something. I'm running +20% on all resources but it's still taking a while.

This morning, I checked my resources. I was well over most of them. Iron was at 32000, so about 2000 short. But my warehouse was full and I could get no more resources.

Easy enough. I'll just donate 5000 or so of my surplus to the union. Except when I donated, I clicked IRON for some reason. ARGH. Sad

So to even things out and make room, I might as well donate the other resources in quantities of like 10000 each. By the time my iron catches up again, my warehouse won't be overflowing.

What dumb thing have you done lately?


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Re: Dumb Move of the Day

Post  Makuri on Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:44 am

haha i feel you bro
i took 40 guards to go up agienst 80 grunts
i didnt check the chart before i attacked and when i got the report back saying i got owned, i was like WTF!!! THERE UPGRADED!
and then i realized my stupidity
o well
just a waste of 12 hours wait of guards Sad


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